Hands Free Door Handle

Uniquely designed hands free door handle, now avoid touching the regular normal handle while opening the door.


Hands free door handle

 The Hands free door handle or opener is designed to go behind the already existing door handle plate, the lip of the hands free pull handle holds it in place. Simply loosen existing door handle plate and slide this under and tighten back.  These Door Handles are unique in design and designed by a team of industrial experts applying all the latest techniques with flawless edges so that it do not hurts your hands. Patent Pending.


Clean and Safe

Easy and quick installation

Comfortable to use

We have all been there. You just saw that person use the restroom and then walk out without washing their hands. 

Comfortable to use

Easy and quick installation

Comfortable to use

Brushed finish, rounded corners and smooth edges for comfort,  safe to use.  A simple quick resolution to old traditional approach of opening the doors. 

Easy and quick installation

Easy and quick installation

Easy and quick installation

Mounts to any door that does not require a latch to open (or where the latch automatically engages).  

For Best care and Cleaning:


  • Occasionally use stainless steel polish which keeps away from discoloration, staining and rust residue.
  • When installed outside, even high-quality stainless steel like the hands free door handle can develop rust spots. Spots can be buffed with a fine steel wool or Hand Pads. Wipe and polish instantly afterwards.
  • Keep your Hands free door Handle sanitary by regularly cleaning it, avoid bleach, chlorine or bromine based solutions.

Legal Disclaimer-Warning


By installing the hands free door handle, the user accepts all responsibility for its use and agrees to hold harmless hands free door handle, its related parties, manufacturers and distributors from the effects of damage or injury.


Caution must be taken so that no person or object is in the way of a swinging door which could cause serious injury. It is your responsibility to ensure that the hands free door handle is installed in a way that it is safe from inadvertent contact with a person and that appropriate warning is given to those approaching the door. The Hands free door handle must not over-hang the outside edge of a door where it is more likely to come into contact with a person or object.

It is recommended that appropriately sized door-stops are installed to avoid contact with the wall behind the door.


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Hands free Door Handle